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Welcome to! This website is currently under development and is only available to active developers. We are working hard towards the release of a public beta but don't have a planned release date as of yet.

A Little About Us

We are working to create a website for the community that allows image, video, music, story, and journal sharing. Members will have access to an online dealers den where artists and creators can sell their artwork and creations and a website store for those interested in cool and awesome fuzzy stuff. We have much more planned as well such as member profiles with multiple character support, multi-language support, mobile device apps, special events, real life ID cards, etc.

Conventions And Groups

Interested in conventions or local group meetups? We plan on adding a ton of features created specifically for each!

- - -

This is just a general overview of our site and only a small portion of what all will be available. Please check back soon and make sure to sign up for our development newsletter!

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News And Announcements
Kody Husky
Facebook Issues

It has come to our attention that our Facebook page (World of Furries V2) has been deleted by facebook. We are unsure why this has happened. We are trying to report the issue with facebook and get our page restored.

We are sorry for any inconveniences this is causing and will post updates here as we know more about what is going on.

- Kody Husky

Kody Husky
November 2018 Update

Hello all you furries out there! I want to let everyone know we are still hard at work on development of this website! We are hoping to have a beta version of the site available within this upcoming year.

A few things to keep in mind as we work towards the beta of the site: registration is only available to active developers at this time, our developer newsletter entry form may be down from time to time as we work on our database, and we will be posting a few questionairres on our social media from time to time.

- Kody Husky

Unknown Fox
Staff Emails Are Returning

(Staff Notice) After much time and effort our email server has finally been restored and our staff emails will be returning shortly. Please be aware that your old passwords will no longer work with the new system.

(Member Notice) We will be restoring our development newsletter email submission form and the staff contact form to the website homepage very soon! As a little added bonus, signing up for our development newsletter will earn you a small reward upon signing up for the beta version of our website once it is released!

- Unknown Fox

Unknown Fox
Development Continues

Just wanted to let everyone know that our staff is still hard at work on the development of Keep an eye out on my twitter (klimaxthefox) for the next while for some possible wip pictures of the site :P

I am hoping to push out a few updates to this under construction page within the next week to reflect a little of our main website theme.

- Unknown Fox